Monthly Archives: October 2014

Getting started again !

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been around the blogging and website community. Guess you mighty say I got hung up with all the trials and tribs of life!!! After much contemplation and inner research i am seeing a much stronger and positive 60 year young female, or at least i’d like to think so. LOL   I have become interested in learning how to walk a more positive, happy and healthy life. I am learning about healthy, organic and natural foods. I have begun a routine of a morning power shake with superfoods and plant protein. I really try to live everyday with smiles and positive encounters with people I meet everyday. I love my beautiful sweet bulldog “MaggieMae”   “I am living life in the moment”

It is my intention to create a website and continue to blog…. so until we meet again God bless and live with love and kindness 🙂