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Yum!!! Papa’s cooking :-)

Oh boy, oh boy!!! Iz smelin it… Papa iz cooking!!

photo 2 - Copy

When Papa cooks the whole houz smells sooo good. If I beg enough sometimes Iz gets to taste it too :-).

photo 1

Okay, Iz goin go givz it a try… wish me luck         begging

Yum, yum Id get it myself but i don’t have thumbs…  🙂

Hi Riley!!

Iz boarded!! Cold outside, Mom just got home from work and is busy and there is no one to play with… 😦

Shh..  Mom is off doing something and not paying attention so Iz turned on her computer and started looking through all the blogs!! I needed to find some doggie friends and there you were … This beautiful warm and friendly face.:-)

Hi Riley, (click on Riley to see him in his Grandma’s post) I’z Maggie Mae. Do you want to be friends? When the humans arn’t looking we can get on the computer and talk to each other! You’re so cute and fluffy…

Look here, Iz brought my green squeaky toy. MaggieMae  You want to play???  Ot oh, mommy’s coming got to go… by handsome :-).

NaBloPoMo Day 20 Maggie’s Day dream!

Our LIFE - in the moment

Mommy, yoo-hoo, down here!! Mommy Iz been day dreaming. Just a little while ago I was sittin here by you and this vision came to me. There I was sittin in our Florida garden feeling the nice warm sunshine, chasin butterflies and strollin down the garden path!!

from iphone march2014 092

Then I woke up and it was snowing… ugh!


Can we plz go back to warmth… This cold freezing air is making my paws cold and the snow is so wet..

Well Maggie lets sit down and have a little chat. “Maggie” I said, remember how you chased the kids in their sleds and had all that fun, remember how we took the walk by the frozen pond with the snow coming down and you tried to catch the ducks or how about playing in the backyard catching snowballs… Yes Florida is warm and sunny but there is no snow to play in…

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Bulldog Profile

Maggie Mae says Mommy this is great information on Bulldogs!

Baggy Bulldogs

The English Bulldog breed in 5 minutes.
A Bulldog profile by New You Network.

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Snuggling Buddies

Maggie Mae says “how cute!!” would you please reblog this Mommy :-)!!

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Thanks to Jennifer Marsh Hudson for sharing her snuggling Bulldogs ❤

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Baff time!!

What a nice relaxing day!! Ut oh, looks like youz up to somtin?? i better be runin now!!


Mommy’s running the water..

WIN_20141116_113741Baff time is not my favorite time… WIN_20141116_114351 Let me out of here…


I’ll be running away now!!!


I’m back, it’s dinner time right?? and don’t I smell nice and look so pretty??


Iz glad that’s over with, but you know Mommy Iz feel so much better, but Mommy look at the mess. Youz better clean that up!!!  Hee hee

The cannon is aimed!!

Oh no.. the cannon is facing at me!!  Maggie Mae what did you eat today?? 🙂Maggies backside

Maggie’s Voice

Hi It’s Maggie Mae 🙂 You remember me right !!

i’ve been sitting right by Mommy as she worked on my blog today. Thank you Mommy, i love the way it is coming out. We need to especially say “thank you” 4Hands for the idea of the tag line “Maggie’s Voice” Me and Mommy really like it :-).

Wow!! look at the site Mommy and me just found : English Bulldog News

Here’s their  October winner He sure is cute 💖💖💖


Bullie kisses and hugs to all, Maggie


NaBloPoMo and Blogging 101

Our LIFE - in the moment

I have completed my last assignment with blogging 101. Wahoo!!! These last 30 days have been fun, interesting and quite the learning experience. Feels great!!  I am also doing NaBloPoMo, which goes till end of November, so don’t think I’ll sign up for anything else just yet, beside with Thanksgiving don’t want to be on over load 🙂

My Maggie Mae thinks this is just the best cause now I can pay more attention to her and her blog. She told me; Mommy I had so much fun with yesterday’s post that I want to do more. Please find me some more pet friends to blog with, show me some more pictures, let me write…. That cold white stuff will be falling from the sky and I will be boarded. Please, please… Maggie says; well I’m pretty sure that when I give Mommy those sad irresistible eyes she will just…

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To Buddy

Our LIFE - in the moment

Hi Buddy, Maggie Mae here. I heard all about you from my Mommy who heard it from your Mommy, Swoosieque, :-). (please click on Swoosieque to read Buddy’s emotional story) I was a rescued Dog too!! Aren’t we just the luckiest doggies in the world. I came to Mommy from a Bulldog rescue organization on the east coast of Florida called Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Mommy came and adopted me over 5 years ago. We sure have a lot stories too!! Maybe someday we can share more of our stories? The rain and thunder and lightning scare me so will you show me how to be braver? Mommy and I did some moving too. We pulled a u-haul behind our car. Mommy drove and I was the co-pilot :-). See, I’ll bet we do have a lot stories to share!! Well, maybe someday soon we can talk again. I heard…

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