Hanging out ….

Sure haz been busy week. Mommy haz a cold n been sick last couple of days and went to work anyway. Now she haz 2 days off soz we is just lounging around… Iz playing with new toys, chewzin on a new bone chewing the bone and Iz tired!!  WIN_20141223_123433

Now Iz back up, looked out my window

maggies window   and  yoohooz  Mommy you’re not   begging  going to believe it but itz SNOWING again!! Howz I going to get down there and you know…. take a weez???  taking a pee    Thank you Mommy for making this path!!!        Okay, time to go .. headed back in     going to snuggle into my nice warm bed!!!   Mommy says about 8 more inches of snow iz coming!!! Be safe everyone and stay warm  🐾🐾🐾

7 responses to “Hanging out ….

  1. Funny stuff. And Maggie going to get a cold belly.

  2. What a sweet dog 🙂 Seems to live a wonderful life.

  3. As a cat it pains me to say this, but I must begrudgingly admit that you’re cute, Maggie. People say my brother Sherman has some bull dog in him and, after seeing these pictures of you, I think they might be right. But that doesn’t mean I think he’s cute — he’s still a furry beast! I hope your mom’s feeling better, Maggie! Stay warm!!

    • Iz usually chase cats🐯 but you Iz kind of cute too so I guess Iz can make an exception!! 😊 Thanks, mom is feeling better. Staying warm will be hard as an Artic blast is coming through. Thanks for stopping by and hope we can be friends🐾🐾

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