Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award !!

Acceptance of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – nominations & questions

Thank you Inside a Dog’s Heart for nominating me to the sisterhood of the World of Bloggers. I am deeply honored. I would also like to congratulate you on your Award !!!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


To “accept” this award, you have to thank the person who nominated you. Then you answer the questions I’ve written for you, and pass along your own set of questions to your own nominees.  you should choose 5-11 questions to ask your nominees. And  choose 5-11 nominees to pass this award on to.

These are the questions I received from Inside a Dog’s Heart:
1. Why do you blog?I blog because it is fun. Iz like to read other bloggers post too! Mommy always takes pictures of me and lets me help her write 🙂
2. Do you have a strict routine for writing and why?No, Mommy works and it all depends how tired she is or how busy she is. But we blog as much as possible because it is fun!

3. What is the most important eye catcher in blogs – what makes you decide to read or skip them?

Well, we like to learn things, we like to look at pictures, we like to read about the things happening in our blogging friends life. Sometimes if the post is too long we skip it or read some?? But most of the time we like to read everything as everybody has their own way of writing and variety is a good thing 🙂

4. What do you think people like the modern day bloggers were doing back in the days before PC’s? Were they writing books or were they just keeping diaries?

Both! Using paper journals, notebooks and the typewriter!!!

5. Is Blogging a time sink, or is it expanding the human writer-ship skill set?

I think one should always make time for what they love to do. So if one loves to blog then it is not a waste of time, that is, unless you become so obsessed with it that it takes away time from your daily obligations or other events. Of course being a dog I always have time.

6. Bonus Question: What is the next great technical innovation that will change the way we blog and how will it affect society?

I have no idea???

I would like to nominate the following people [in no particular order] for this award.







Here are the questions I pose to you as a nominee

1.  How many times a week do you like to post on your blog?

2. Why do you blog?

3. What’s the thing you enjoy most about blogging?

4. What inspires and motivates you for your ideas on posting?

5. Do you like English Bulldogs ?

5 responses to “Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award !!

  1. Nice award. Glad to learn more about you. 🙂

    • Thank you😊 i was going to nominate you but I just nominated you for the other one and I know doing these awards can get a bit time consuming! I know you could more than likly make up a great jinggle for it… I think it’s a great award for you if you like to do those things? I can still add you if it’s something that you have the liking to do?? 😊

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