Monthly Archives: April 2015

Now she is saved!!!

Hey Mommy look what I found on facebook. The Adopt a bull rescue organization, you know the rescue that saved me, rescued another beautiful girl. Look how skinny she is :-(.  (see the link below) How come some people are so mean and uncaring to us bullies??) Well, the good news is, she is safe now and will be well taken care of and have plenty to eat.  She will never feel that pain again!! The Adopt a Bull Rescue are awesome!!! Mommy, we should send a donation to help out…. I know they sure could use it! I’m going to go now so I can say some prayers for this Bullie girl and pray she gets plenty of help and gets better real fast :-).  It is so sad but glad there are such great people out there who care enough to help!!!  Here’s the link to the facebook page just in case you are interested:         Okay, bye for now….