Hi and welcome to my about page! My name is Maggie Mae and I am a very sweet bulldog. I am around 7 or 8 years old ( I was found as a stray and ended up in a high kill shelter) so my exact age is unknown. My Momma Dee fostered me from Adopt-A-Bull Rescue, a non-profit organization on the east coast of Florida, in July of 2009 and I have been with her ever since. She of course fell in love with me and adopted me 🙂 Mommy and I helped to run a Bed and Breakfast in Wilmington, NC. We also lived on the west coast of Florida and have now moved to the Northwest where her daughter and family reside. I guess you might say we have done some traveling together!! We have learned a lot about each other and are now a team. We will continue to love and support one another :-)!! I am one of the lucky ones scooped up by the Adopt-A-Bulls, adopted and saved from execution!

The Adopt-A-Bull Rescue  are a terrific group of people who devote a ton of time, love and money to help us. We call them angels. If anyone is interested in fostering or adopting and of my brothers or sisters please just click the link and read all about it. P.S. I recommend having some tissues as some of the stories are pretty sad but also a ton of happy endings!!!

I hope you enjoy our Bulldog Blog and thanks for visiting!!!

Sending you Bulldog hugs and slobbery kisses 🙂

2 responses to “About

  1. I hope you do not oppose me having nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Go here to receive more information. https://ebbabloggdoggy.wordpress.com/?page_id=552&preview=true

    • Thank you so much for the nomination😊 Maggie and I will go to your link and take a look. It may take us a little bit as it’s been a bit busy but I am honored on the nomination! We’ll be working on it 🐾🐾

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