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Now she is saved!!!

Hey Mommy look what I found on facebook. The Adopt a bull rescue organization, you know the rescue that saved me, rescued another beautiful girl. Look how skinny she is :-(.  (see the link below) How come some people are so mean and uncaring to us bullies??) Well, the good news is, she is safe now and will be well taken care of and have plenty to eat.  She will never feel that pain again!! The Adopt a Bull Rescue are awesome!!! Mommy, we should send a donation to help out…. I know they sure could use it! I’m going to go now so I can say some prayers for this Bullie girl and pray she gets plenty of help and gets better real fast :-).  It is so sad but glad there are such great people out there who care enough to help!!!  Here’s the link to the facebook page just in case you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/adoptabullrescue/posts/10153271862649810:0         Okay, bye for now….


Happy February everyone!!

MaggieMae         Well, mommy Iz tired and it is getting late but at least we are back to posting again!! Hooray!!  Iz will be more awake tomorrow Iz promise :-).  Bully kisses everyone 🐾🐾

Hanging out ….

Sure haz been busy week. Mommy haz a cold n been sick last couple of days and went to work anyway. Now she haz 2 days off soz we is just lounging around… Iz playing with new toys, chewzin on a new bone chewing the bone and Iz tired!!  WIN_20141223_123433

Now Iz back up, looked out my window

maggies window   and  yoohooz  Mommy you’re not   begging  going to believe it but itz SNOWING again!! Howz I going to get down there and you know…. take a weez???  taking a pee    Thank you Mommy for making this path!!!        Okay, time to go .. headed back in     going to snuggle into my nice warm bed!!!   Mommy says about 8 more inches of snow iz coming!!! Be safe everyone and stay warm  🐾🐾🐾

My new bed !!

Mommy got me a new bed. I know it is a Christmas present but she gave it to me early cuz Iz don’t have anything to lay on while Mommy is at her computer. Boy do I  love this bed. It is so soft and fluffy and Iz just sink right down in it and it helps my old bones feel sooo good!! Thanks Mommy for the comfy bed!! new bed        Some times I like to take the fluffy pillow out of the bed and just lay inside the bed… kind of feels like a little cave and I can snuggle up…  and stay nice and warm  🙂               new bed 2   This is just the perfect size for Mommy’s computer room. If Iz wants to stretch out I always have my big LL Bean bed in the living room… Iz such a lucky dog 🙂 Sometimes Iz feels really sad when I think about all the doggies that need good homes. I sure wish we could just adopt and take care of all the lonely doggies out there :-(.

The dog in the mirror !!

Mommy is working on a few things and Iz just hanging out playing with my favorite toy when Iz looks up and this other dog is staring at me!! Mommy look… who is that???

maggie n mirror         maggie in the mirror

Too funny 🙂   Got to love our furry friends!!

Yum!!! Papa’s cooking :-)

Oh boy, oh boy!!! Iz smelin it… Papa iz cooking!!

photo 2 - Copy

When Papa cooks the whole houz smells sooo good. If I beg enough sometimes Iz gets to taste it too :-).

photo 1

Okay, Iz goin go givz it a try… wish me luck         begging

Yum, yum Id get it myself but i don’t have thumbs…  🙂

Baff time!!

What a nice relaxing day!! Ut oh, looks like youz up to somtin?? i better be runin now!!


Mommy’s running the water..

WIN_20141116_113741Baff time is not my favorite time… WIN_20141116_114351 Let me out of here…


I’ll be running away now!!!


I’m back, it’s dinner time right?? and don’t I smell nice and look so pretty??


Iz glad that’s over with, but you know Mommy Iz feel so much better, but Mommy look at the mess. Youz better clean that up!!!  Hee hee

The cannon is aimed!!

Oh no.. the cannon is facing at me!!  Maggie Mae what did you eat today?? 🙂Maggies backside