Cookies, napping and dinner!! This aging thing isn’t so bad!!!



Thinking back for a moment, I’ve been with my Mama for almost 8.5 yrs! Life sure has been good. The veterinarians told my Mama I was somewhere around 2 +/- yrs when she adopted me so I guess I’m doing pretty good for an English Bulldog.
I must say though, nothing like snoozing and eating to make an old girl feel great!!!


I am so excited!!

I am so excited to have Mommy home. She has retired and I will get to spend more time with her!! Yippy!!

I am getting older and not sure how much more time I have so being able to spend my days with Mommy is something I am so grateful for. Look out Mommy I will be shadowing your every move!!!


love you Mommy!!!

snoring away!!

I’m getting old too!! My hair is turning gray, it’s hard to get up and down the stairs, my breathing is louder. But my Mommy loves me and takes care of me everyday. I sleep and snor, eat good food, go out my doggie door and lay on the deck…. .  Life is good !!!  Thankgoodness my Mommy saved me from that high kill shelter 7 years ago!!!

Iz loves you too Mommy :).


life is good !!!!


Who wants to play with me????


Now she is saved!!!

Hey Mommy look what I found on facebook. The Adopt a bull rescue organization, you know the rescue that saved me, rescued another beautiful girl. Look how skinny she is :-(.  (see the link below) How come some people are so mean and uncaring to us bullies??) Well, the good news is, she is safe now and will be well taken care of and have plenty to eat.  She will never feel that pain again!! The Adopt a Bull Rescue are awesome!!! Mommy, we should send a donation to help out…. I know they sure could use it! I’m going to go now so I can say some prayers for this Bullie girl and pray she gets plenty of help and gets better real fast :-).  It is so sad but glad there are such great people out there who care enough to help!!!  Here’s the link to the facebook page just in case you are interested:         Okay, bye for now….


I tawt I saw a puddy tat!!!

by the shed                    Mommy, psss mommy you gotz to be real quite but Iz pretty sure Iz seen a puddy tat dive under the shed!!! Did you see it???                                                                          maggie by shed        I’m sure it.s under here somewhere!!!

Tonight my dog won🙀

Our LIFE - in the moment

Funny, funny😄😄 I was laughing so hard… My MaggieMae has been on some medicine and it was the last pill. The only way to get her to take the pill is to hid it in some yogurt. She absolutely loves yogurt so onto the spoon it went buried in the luscious treat…. Well yogurt was everywhere, over her mouth and nose, the floor, my fingers and half gone But the pill still remained!!! I could not believe it!! She got her treat put there on the floor sat her pill. She was so proud of her win. I would have taken a picture but my hands were covered with yogurt 😊 Boy am I glad that was the last pill😳.

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Happy February everyone!!

MaggieMae         Well, mommy Iz tired and it is getting late but at least we are back to posting again!! Hooray!!  Iz will be more awake tomorrow Iz promise :-).  Bully kisses everyone 🐾🐾

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award !!

Acceptance of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – nominations & questions

Thank you Inside a Dog’s Heart for nominating me to the sisterhood of the World of Bloggers. I am deeply honored. I would also like to congratulate you on your Award !!!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


To “accept” this award, you have to thank the person who nominated you. Then you answer the questions I’ve written for you, and pass along your own set of questions to your own nominees.  you should choose 5-11 questions to ask your nominees. And  choose 5-11 nominees to pass this award on to.

These are the questions I received from Inside a Dog’s Heart:
1. Why do you blog?I blog because it is fun. Iz like to read other bloggers post too! Mommy always takes pictures of me and lets me help her write 🙂
2. Do you have a strict routine for writing and why?No, Mommy works and it all depends how tired she is or how busy she is. But we blog as much as possible because it is fun!

3. What is the most important eye catcher in blogs – what makes you decide to read or skip them?

Well, we like to learn things, we like to look at pictures, we like to read about the things happening in our blogging friends life. Sometimes if the post is too long we skip it or read some?? But most of the time we like to read everything as everybody has their own way of writing and variety is a good thing 🙂

4. What do you think people like the modern day bloggers were doing back in the days before PC’s? Were they writing books or were they just keeping diaries?

Both! Using paper journals, notebooks and the typewriter!!!

5. Is Blogging a time sink, or is it expanding the human writer-ship skill set?

I think one should always make time for what they love to do. So if one loves to blog then it is not a waste of time, that is, unless you become so obsessed with it that it takes away time from your daily obligations or other events. Of course being a dog I always have time.

6. Bonus Question: What is the next great technical innovation that will change the way we blog and how will it affect society?

I have no idea???

I would like to nominate the following people [in no particular order] for this award.







Here are the questions I pose to you as a nominee

1.  How many times a week do you like to post on your blog?

2. Why do you blog?

3. What’s the thing you enjoy most about blogging?

4. What inspires and motivates you for your ideas on posting?

5. Do you like English Bulldogs ?

Hanging out ….

Sure haz been busy week. Mommy haz a cold n been sick last couple of days and went to work anyway. Now she haz 2 days off soz we is just lounging around… Iz playing with new toys, chewzin on a new bone chewing the bone and Iz tired!!  WIN_20141223_123433

Now Iz back up, looked out my window

maggies window   and  yoohooz  Mommy you’re not   begging  going to believe it but itz SNOWING again!! Howz I going to get down there and you know…. take a weez???  taking a pee    Thank you Mommy for making this path!!!        Okay, time to go .. headed back in     going to snuggle into my nice warm bed!!!   Mommy says about 8 more inches of snow iz coming!!! Be safe everyone and stay warm  🐾🐾🐾